Friday, June 5, 2015

Living History and Present Conditions

The Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous is an excellent place to meet new friends and old. It's also a place that is good for reflections on life today as compared to Revolutionary era America and Indiana.

It seems to me I've grown used to communicating at the speed of light but that efficiency of communication has its problems: I communicate quickly but what is the effect on the worth of what I'm sharing?

Some things require time to add value. Wine grapes must ferment. Vegetables and fruits must grow to maturity before picking. But when is a thought mature and ready to be shared?

Perhaps one of the values of hand crafted goods is that they show us qualities that require patience, knowledge, and skill to create?

If I apply such concepts to my communicating what will be the results? How may I do so? What differences might be made by simply spending a little more time in preparing before ""Sharing?"

The lady to the right of my friend Elizabeth has a bag in her hand that is made to historic specifications in size and material. She is going to make one for me. I expect it to serve me well.

Perhaps I can use some of the care and attention to historic ideas of quality in my writing? I like the idea of creating written goods of more enduring value.

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